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Our Products & Value Added Products

Our Products

Move It
Transporters Goods in Transit Policy

Own It
Goods Owner Goods in Transit Policy

Back It
Transporters Contingent Goods in Transit Policy

Need It
Transporters Carriers Liability Policy

Value Added Benefits

Transit Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd offers a variety of value added products to enhance your Goods in Transit Cover.

Excess Reducer
We have the facility to reduce the client’s excess, inclusive of the standard excess and the theft and hi jack additional excesses. Inner excess applicable which will be risk profile dependant.

Contamination Cover
We offer contamination of stock as an extension as this is excluded from the standard policy. The cover is subject to underwriting approval and will cover the policy holder for contamination of stock whilst in transit.

Incorrect Temperature Setting
Additional cover for deterioration of stock due to incorrect temperature settings can be purchased. The cover is subject to the policy holder being responsible for setting the temperature. 

Side Tank Cover Extension
Transit offers a great extension to our policy holders call Side Tank Cover. This covers the side tank (Self powered) diesel spill clean-up costs. In the event of an accident, on many occasions the diesel side tank is ruptured, spilling its diesel into the environment.

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On Road Solution Cover
Client can now benefit from an improved roadside assistance and incident management offering  in future, all incidents must simply be ported to our On Road Solutions Call Centre and by doing so, clients will automatically benefit from our on-road repacking, strapping, security, recovery of cargo and debris removal service.

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