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Side Tank Cover

Transit offers a great extension to our policy holders call Side Tank Cover. This covers the side tank (Self powered) diesel spill clean-up costs. In the event of an accident, on many occasions the diesel side tank is ruptured, spilling its diesel into the environment. These types of spillages can range from 10 litres to 1000 litres, often covering a large road surface. This can create an environmental problem for the surrounding environments, which may result in large clean-up and disposal costs.

Our Cover:

  • R150,000 cover
  • 24/7 call centre service
  • Clean-ups
  • Disposal of Waste material
  • Rehabilitation of the environment and road surface.

This cover will only be valid if the On Road Solutions Call Centre is notified immediately once any incident occurs on 0860 44 44 11.

The incident call centre will be in charge of the site management of the incident, communicating real time to role players.

Cost : R65.00 per vehicle per month  |  Excess: No Excess Applicable